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How to Download Paid Android Apps for Free

Despite what you may have heard, it is possible to download paid apps for free. What we’re doing today is breaking it down for you.  Now, while most apps on the Android market or better known as the Google Play store are free, the crème de la crème still come at a price. Though there are cracked versions of the applications available in the market and some app makers even release free beta or trial versions, it is never the same as having a fully paid app. Also, the cracked versions often play havoc with the phone software, not mentioning the void in warranty. However, there are ways to easily get apps for free without having to root the system… Here’s how

Go to site It is a file sharing site and in the search bar type in the application name followed by the extension.apk. For example if you want to download the ADW Launcher Ex full version, just go to the above mentioned site and type ADW Launcher.apk and hit search. Many versions would be displayed, so make sure you download the version that is closest to the latest one in the market. After you have downloaded the file to your desktop, simply transfer it to your Android phone, remember the location where you have sent it on your phone.

Now using a file explorer like Astro, go to that location on your phone and simply click on it and install the app. You are ready to go!

Here is another way by Amazon:-
To download apps from the Amazon App Store, visit and download the Amazon application. Once the application is downloaded, click on Amazon_Appstore-release.apk in your notifications bar and install the app. Once the Amazon app is installed, you can browse through their gallery and download apps accordingly.

So, there is this easy way to get paid apps for free, but we at my mobile phone always advice you to pay for the apps than these shortcuts. Also we will be not responsible if your device will face any problem after using the downloaded apps.


Bebbled  is your standard gem-shuffling thing, only presented in a professional style you wouldn't be surprised to see running on something featuring a Nintendo badge with an asking price of £19.99.

You only drop gems on other gems to nuke larger groups of the same colour, but with ever-tightening demands for score combos and scenes that require you to rotate your phone to flip the play field on its head, Bebbled soon morphs into an incredibly complex challenge.

Real Boxing

Powered by Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 to deliver slick HD visuals like the blood dripping from your opponent’s chin after a sweet left hook, the Tegra 3 exclusive serves up a 30-fight career to get to the top of the ladder and a series of mini games to work on your skills.
Price: £2.99 | Platform: Android 2.3 + | Download Real Boxing Android app

 Angry Birds Star Wars

The Angry physics phenomenon took a turn for the weird late in 2012, with Rovio acquiring the rights to blend Star Wars characters with its popular Angry Birds play mechanics. Angry Birds Star Wars is actually pretty nice, with players using Star Wars weaponry to smash down scenery alongside the usual destructive physics action. Not the car crash IP clash we were expecting.


The social media darling Foursquare is represented in fine form on Android, with the Google app offering easy one-click check-ins, integrated Google Maps for a seamless Google-branded experience and home page shortcut options to all your favourite places.

Sky Movies

The ultimate companion for Sky customers already subscribed to the Movies package, watch films from across the 11 channels from a compatible device, access remote recording and see trailers and cast lists for movies hitting your local Cineplex.
Price: Free (For Sky customers) | Platform: Android 2.2+  | Download Sky Movies Android app

WordPress for Android

WordPress for Android started out as independent creation wpToGo, before WordPress decided it liked it so much it bought it up - hiring the maker to develop it in-house. It's very feature-packed, with the latest version offering full integration with other apps, letting you spin content and send it directly to the app for easy updating. It could do with more image insertion tools, though.


Some might call Drop a game, others might classify it as a tech demo that illustrates the accuracy of the Android platform's accelerometer, thanks to how playing it simply involves tilting your phone while making a little bouncy ball falls between gaps in the platforms. Either way it'll amuse you for a while and inform you of the accuracy of your accelerometer - a win-win situation.


Winamp had an Android app for some time, with recent updates adding support for iTunes, Mac syncing, plenty of music streaming options, new release lists and Shoutcast integration for radio support. It's a fine, free media player.

RAC Traffic

An official production of the motoring organisation, RAC Traffic is dead simple - it guesstimates your location via the mobile signal, then pops up the current traffic alerts for your area. It's much better than having to listen to the radio for the odd update about arterial blockages.

Awareness HD Etymotic

Noise cancelling is great, until you miss your boarding call or someone has to grab you by the shoulder to get your attention at work. This app lets Etymotic headphone users manually adjust levels and the mic on the fly. Clever.
Price: Free | Platform: Android 4.1+ | Download Awareness HD Etymotic Android app


Abduction! is a sweet little platform jumping game, presented in a similarly quirky and hand-drawn style as the super-fashionable Doodle Jump. You can't argue with cute cows and penguins with parachutes, or a game that's easy to play with one hand thanks to its super accessible accelerometer controls.


Microsoft has teamed up with developer SEVEN to offer an official Hotmail app for Android, which gives users a simple, clean interface, push notification support and even lets you manage multiple Hotmail accounts from within the app.


Making sure you don’t miss another Monday morning cardio session this simple tracker will help you build your training program in a clean interface letting you add custom categories and look back at training history to see if you need to add any more weight sessions.
Price: Free | Platform: Android 4.0+ | Download FitNotes Android app

 Brain Genius Deluxe

Clearly Brain Genius Deluxe is not going to be as slick, but there's enough content in here to keep you "brain training" (yes, it even uses that phrase) until your battery dies. The presentation's painfully slow, but then again that might be the game teaching you patience.

Brian Blessed Alarm Clock

Wake yourself and your neighbours with Shakespearian speeches, silly songs and stentorian motivation delivered in Blessed’s hearty tones. There's 30 alarms to choose from with more to come so fingers crossed Flash Gordon next on the Blessed list.
Price: £0.69 | Platform: Android 2.1+ | Download Brian Blessed Alarm Clock Android app

Friction Mobile

Friction Mobile is a very odd concept that makes no sense in still images. You fire a ball into the screen, then try to hit that ball with other balls until it explodes.


UK Jobs

Offering a fully searchable database of current UK job vacancies, UK Jobs, which pulls in its data from independent employment site is, a slightly cumbersome but useful and non-governmental tool.

Google Sky Map

A stunning app that renders Patrick Moore obsolete, by using your phone's orientation tools to give you an accurate representation of the stars and planets on your screen. Point your phone at the sky, then learn what constellations are visible and if that's a UFO or just Venus. Google Sky Map even works indoors, if you're not keen on getting cold.





Price: Free | Download MATERIAL (BETA) Android app

Epic Citadel

Price: Free | Download Epic Citadel Android app


Price: Free | Download 7x7 Android app


Price: Free | Download FlipaClip Android app


Price: Free | Download Sky+ Android app


Price: Free | Download Pitfall! Android app

Flipboard: Your News Magazine

Price: Free | Download Flipboard Android app

Nike+ Running

Price: Free | Download Nike+ Running Android app

BT SmartTalk

Price: Free | Download BT SmartTalk Android app


Price: Free | Download Fitocracy Android app

Xbox SmartGlass

Price: Free | Download Xbox SmartGlass Android app


Price: Free | Download Curiosity Android app


Price: Free |Download PubQuix Android app

Fluid Football

Price: Free | Download Fluid Football Android app

Whale Trail Frenzy

Price: Free | Download Whale Trail Frenzy Android app

Organ Trail: Director’s Cut

Price: £1.91 | Platform: Android | Download Organ Trail: Director’s Cut

Easy Voice Recorder Free

Price: Free | Download Easy Voice Recorder Free Android app


Price: Free | Platform: Android | Download Firefox Android app

Budweiser Man of the Match

Price: Free | Download Budweiser Man of the Match Android app

Organ Trail: Director's Cut

Price: £1.91 | Download Organ Trail: Director’s Cut Android app



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