Walton Premo Upgrade Firmware and rooting

Here is a simple video tutorial for "Howto reset Factory Settings" for walton primo series from recovery mode. Your 90% of general problem of primo will be solved using this process.
Warning : It will erase all your user data. So, please back-up before the action.

Video Tutorial for Upgrading Walton Primo F1 firmware

Great News for Primo-Lovers !!!!! Walton dev team release new firmware for Primo F1. This is the video tutorial...................Release Notes:solved: black screen, memory & others bugs
Firmware link : 

1.   http://www.waltonforum.com/index.php?topic=1476.msg1491#msg1491

2.    http://www.sendspace.com/file/p16fth

Great news for Walton Primo Lovers !!!! If you want to Upgrade Your Primo from 2.3 to 4.0 (Ice cream sandwitch), you can follow the link & download the tools.It's very easy. Here you'll find 1. Software2. Flash tools3. Driver4. Upgrading manual*** Upgrade with your own risk. It may void your warranty if you upgrade your Primo.

Those who want to root/unroot  Primo R1 & G1Tools :


Step 1:

Connect your handset with usb cable to pc

Step 2:

 Enable USB Debugging in handset. (Settings>Developer option>USB debugging)

Step 3:

Open RunMe.bat file from Primo R1, G1 root tools folder


 Select device type normal 1 and press enter


 Look at your phone and select RestoreDone, your phone is rooted successfully, now you will find SuperSU on phone menu. Enjoy!!!!!       UNROOTHow to UnRoot Walton Primo R1, Primo G1 with Bin4ryStep 1: Connect your handset with usb cable to pcStep 2: Enable USB Debugging in handset. (Settings>Developer option>USB debugging)Step 3: Open RunMe.bat file from  Primo R1, G1 root tools folderStep4: Select device type x and press enter, press y then Enter Step5: Please restart your phone manuallyDone, your phone is unrooted successfully,  Now there is no SuperSU apps on phone menu. Enjoy!!!!!   

*** Root with your own risk. It'll void your warranty if you root your Primo R1/G1. We aren't responsible for any kind of damage of your phone.

****We aren't responsible for any kind of damage to your phone

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