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AVG mobile antivirus (Paid version full free) for Android OS

AVG Anti-Virus Free offers some good features for your Android device. Once installed, AVG will show a first-launch screen with its recommended settings but you can change them later. You can perform actions under 4 categories: Protection, Performance, Anti-theft and Privacy. If you want to check your device for malware just tap on the "run first scan" and you are set. When scanning, AVG will search for malware and other security threats and will inform you of any issues it may have found by listing them inside 3 categories: Apps, Settings and Content (the previous "Media" category was merged into the "Content" category).

AVG provides real-time scanning, secure web surfing and you can also set it to scan text messages and program its auto-scan frequency (daily, weekly, off), though you have to update the anti-malware definitions manually. AVG won’t add a permanent icon in your notification tray in order to give you real-time protection but will show a notification whenever you install a new app or some auto-scan task is initiated / finished.

AVG has distributed sets of tools among the "performance" and "privacy" categories. You can use the performance tools to check and improve the battery usage, manage the device's storage options and keep track of your data traffic and use a single-tap task killer. The Privacy Tools include a Wipe Personal Data tool that can clean all your personal data by erasing your SD card,  delete specific categories like call logs, SMSes and sync accounts. You can also access to a pair of 14-day trial tools: the App Locker and the App Backup, which are useful, although they become fully functional only with the Pro (paid) version.

The included Anti-Theft feature will let you use location-based services to find your lost/stolen device (using Google Maps) but you must create a free AVG account first in order to use it.  You can use the browser to send 6 online web commands to find / recover your phone from your account: Shout (it triggers an alarm), Locate (it activates the GPS remotely), Lock (blocks your device), Unlock, Wipe (it will erase all the personal data you selected from your phone) and finally, the Scan command. Sadly, the time those commands need to get to your phone varies greatly and the only option that doesn't need an active internet connection on your phone's side is the Locate option which can track your device using your phone number and your carrier's network but you still need a browser anyway.

AVG Anti-Virus Free features a decent malware detection engine that detected and blocked most of the malware that tried to get into the phone. The sad part is that it also flagged some harmless and legit apps as Potentially Unwanted Apps, which is not good at all and can lead a user to uninstall perfectly good apps. Its web surfing protection did a good job and provided a hassle-free browsing experience. When talking about RAM, AVG kept its usage within average levels (8~15 MB) but if you enable all the extra features and tools you may need to add ~6 MB to that number. Thankfully, you will see no ads at all in this new AVG version, though the best pair of tools are still just 14-day trial versions. Even though the Anti-Theft capabilities remain limited to online options, it can be said that AVG has improved from previous versions although there is still much more to be done on the anti-malware engine. Once they do that, you can rest assured that AVG will be back on track.

Mobile AntiVirus Security PRO (v3.1.1.2) Apk is recently updated to its new version. Mobile AntiVirus Security PRO is a mobile security solution that not only helps protect your phone from viruses, malware, spyware exploitation in real time, but also offers a suite of features to help keep your privacy, personal data and online identity safe.

Mobile AntiVirus Security PRO (v3.1.1.2) Apk Features:

Anti-theft protection and Phone Locator:
Ability to locate your lost or stolen mobile phone and get help with finding it via Google Maps™
Ability turn your phone GPS on remotely and have the device send its location using GPS
Lock your phone remotely via our online remote management account

or by sending SMS to your phone to protect your data and privacy
Set a lock screen message to help the locator find you
Make your device ring even if your phone is on silent mode
Safe Web Surfing:
Give you peace of mind no matter how you download your apps or games
Protect against malicious apps from viruses, malware and spyware
Identify unsecure device settings and advises on how to fix them.
Ensure contacts, bookmarks and text messages are secure and safe
Check media files for malicious software and mobile security threats
Protect you from phishing attacks
Run daily, weekly, or on demand scans
With the Mobile AntiVirus Security PRO, you’ll receive effective, easy to use virus and malware protection, as well as a real-time scanner, phone locator, app locker and local device wipe through the remote management service.

Mobile AntiVirus Security PRO (v3.1.1.2) Apk Recent Changes:

Call & Text Message Blocker not only warns you of suspicious text messages, but also enables you to filter and block unwanted calls and messages.
Our new widget allows immediate access to key features of the app directly from your home screen. Easily customize the 4 widget buttons into 9 easy to use functions.
Bug fixes
New Call and Text Message Blocker
Protect yourself against spammers, hackers and scammers.

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