Top 5 New Exiciting HD games for Android


SIZE : 20 MB

Zombies in Zombie Highway will pounce on your car's side rails as you speed past them, doing all they can to bring the car to a stop-- generally by using their superhuman undead strength to wrestle it till it topples over. There are 7 types of zombies all up, from the skinny fledgling variety, to the stronger, health-regenerating, weightier monsters that do a world of hurt to your center of balance. As zombies stack up on one side, this is only compounded, with your only recourse being to get the buggers off as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, your own driving prowess and an arms dealer friend in the back provide all the tools you need to get through the zombie least for a couple of miles. Zombies can be exited from the vehicle by tilting your device to sideswipe them onto one of the many ruined cars littered across the highway. Each zombie has a health bar, and whittling that to zero will ensure they won't be sticking around. To help, your aforementioned friend riding shotgun (ho ho!) has a formidable arsenal that is gradually unlocked as you accumulate collective mileage across all your games. Weapons are fired by touching the corners of the screen-- if a zombie is on the right near the front of your car, tapping the top right area will fire at it.

It's a straightforward formula that creates a fun and remarkably gratifying zombie slaying experience. It's also quite challenging, as zombies are super aggressive, and your car's physics are fantastic. For instance, don't expect to steer out of a lean by driving the other way-- it'll only tip it further. Instead, a bit of load balancing and fast firing fingertips are required to keep the rubber on the road.



SIZE : 18 MB

Turbo Fly 3D is a racing game that takes place far in the future, with flying ships zooming around the tracks. Steer your ship using the accelerometer or the touch screen, both of which have pretty good game controls. Play in career mode, unlock weapons and tracks, and work your way up the leader board.



VERSION : 4.0.1
SIZE : 23 MB

You steer your bike using familiar tilt controls, and earn a score based both on how many cars you pass as well as how long you ride. Touching and holding the screen makes your rider do a wheelie, which not only speeds you up, but also offers a sort of rolling bonus score for each car you pass. The catch? Riding a wheelie makes controlling the motorcycle substantially more difficult. Cars change lanes as well (oddly enough, they also use their turn signals to do this) so even if you've got a straight path to ride a wheelie you still need to keep an eye out for fellow motorists.



VERSION : 1.0.11
SIZE : 37 MB

Raging Thunder 2’s graphics are beautiful and immerse players in an array of gorgeous vistas all over the world (complete with secret shortcuts and lined with various “power-ups,”), such as underground volcanoes, tropical beaches and abandoned temples, providing players with a beautiful, vibrant, fun game play experience.

The game’s music track and sound effects are both quality and well-developed. The sounds of the game’s racing elements, such as crashes, tire screeches,

boosts, etc. integrate nicely with the sound track. Players also have the option to turn music/effects off.

Raging Thunder 2’s control scheme is the only aspect of the game that bothered me, but not enough to influence its “fun factor.” Controls are accelerometer-based and there are no alternative control options, i.e. touch. Players are offered several ways to customize game play controls to their liking, however, such as the option to adjust tilt-sensitivity, brake power, auto-gas and auto-boost, etc. Untitled5I’m horrible with accelerometer-based controls, but was able to tweak my settings to enable me to race in a confident, competent manner. Players can also upgrade their vehicles using money won in races and found as “power-ups” along the tracks. Die-hard fans of the genre looking for overly-detailed vehicles/vehicle upgrades may be disappointed, but I found the upgrade “balance” more than sufficient.

Raging Thunder 2’s game play is smooth and vigorous. Its furious sense of speed/motion is well-balanced and “turbo” boosts provide players with a perfect level of control that is neither overwhelming nor uncontrollable. It nicely incorporates the furious, high speed game play of an arcade racer with those quality tenets found within successful “kart racer” titles. That said, Raging Thunder 2 is not an “easy” game and certain tracks can prove difficult to beat.


SIZE : 39 MB

The game is something of a mash-up of Wave Race 64 and Wipeout. It's not as trick-based as Wave Race, nor does it have the incredibly fun multiplayer, but it does have jet skis. In every other way, it's more akin to Wipeout-sans weapons, the visuals come in a sterile, far-future aesthetic, the sound is pumping electronic music and the game is packed full of gleaming lights. Even the track design is similar to Wipeout, especially in its closed corridor tight turning craziness.

As with a lot of racing games, your primary control will be the tilting the device. There's no option for a virtual stick, so if you hate tilt controls, you might want to hold off for an update later, as the developer has popped into the forums to say it'll be added later. On top of the tilting, you'll also tap occasionally for a speed burst and you can use an invisible virtual pad to perform tricks, but they don't seem to have any effect the score, so you're just showing off to yourself.

You'll get six tracks here, then an additional six where they're reversed. You'll also be able to take on championship cups in one of three different speeds, 250cc, 500cc, and 1000cc. The easier 250cc can be a bit dull, but it gets you used to the track design and feel of the game, so it's necessary. When you're ready, taking on the 500cc and 1000cc races are significantly more challenging and entertaining.



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